About Us


Taits UG is a Berlin based company specialising in contemporary ecommerce applications. We combine 15+ years of experience in the fields of food and beverage with ecommerce know-how and IT expertise.

Active Projects

Lebendige Weine

Lebendige Weine [Living Wines] is your online expert for organic wines and natural wines. The selection consists of around 2000 low intervention wines from classical European wine growing regions.

All wines are at least organically cerified. More over, most of our producers are practinioners of bio-dynamic viticulture. Around 40 per cent of Lebendige Weine’s selection is what you’d call natural wines. Many of them without any added sulfur.



Cultivin is your go-to vendor for textbooklike French wines. This small selection of around 150 wines is all about typicity1. Cultivin’s Sancerre are perfect prototypes of how you would imagine a Sancerre. And so is it’s Chablis respectivelly.

The focus here is on timeless French wines. If you are learing about French wines or teaching this topic to future sommeliers, Cultivin’s selection might be helpful to understand how a wine from a particular French Appellation is supposed to taste. Beyond fashion.


  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Typicity ↩︎